Jillian's Horse Cake

Original phone message left on my voicemail by 6 year old Jillian:
"Hi Tara, umm.. so... for my cake I want an ice skating rink with princesses on it." :)

Jillian was having her 6th birthday party in April at the ice skating rink in Dublin. And, naturally, being the princess that she is, wanted an "ice skating rink with princesses on it" cake. So I had come up with a few design ideas for the cake and started prepping for it. But then, about a week before the party, she decided that she instead wanted a cake with horses on it and a pasture. Soooo.... my original plans went out the window and I scrambled to come up with a new design. I played around with some new ideas and was able to find some cute horses at a local party supply store. So the horse cake was under way! Her request was also to have strawberry cake and vanilla filling. I decided on a two layer strawberry cake with just a plain ol' box of vanilla pudding as the filling. It actually turned out quite well! And being that her favorite color is pink, she loved it when we cut the cake and saw that it was pink inside!

The cake went together pretty easy. I did have some issues with the drop flowers. They didn't quite turn out as planned, but I think it still came out pretty nice. The other thing I had a concern about was getting the horses to stand up on the cake. They were basically made out of styrofoam and didnt weigh very much. I was afraid that they would just end up falling over and ruining the cake. But Michael had the genious idea of poking toothpics through the bottom of their hooves and then sticking them in the cake. And IT WORKED! I was really glad too. Plus, she got to keep the horses after we took them off of the cake. All the other little girls there were asking me if they could have the horses after we cut the cake and I told them they had to ask Jillian. She, of course, told them no. Haha.
The picture below is the only one I have of it so far. Taken with my cell phone, so not all that great, but better than nothing!