Cheetah Girls

This cake was actually made this past November, but I've just recently recieved the pictures from the event. The cake was for my friend's little girl's year-end soccer party. It was just a simple chocolate cake with buttercream filling and icing. The soccer ball on top was also done with cake. The bottom cake had purple "cheetah" spots and each of the girls' name written around the cake.

The party was held at SuperFranks in Pleasanton. (Something similar to a Chuck E. Cheese environment... lots of kids running around all hopped up on massive amounts of pizza, soda and candy.) So it was interesting carrying the cake ALL the way to the back. I had to have my friend help me clear a path so I could get to the table quickly, trying to dodge lots of kids and parents as we went along. Not many people realize how heavy a cake becomes once its got lots of filling and icing on it. My arms were getting pretty weak as we made our way back. But whew! I made it!

The girls seemed to really like the cake; especially the fact that their very own names were on it. I think that really added a nice personal touch. So the kids ran around for a few hours and by the time they were ready to cut the cake it was just about time to leave. So we ended up cutting out each chunk of cake that had the girl's name on it and they were able to take it home and share with their family.